Mozilla Creative Media Awards

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  • Ended
  November 12, 2021

About Opportunity

Each final round winner of the Mozilla Creative Media Awards will earn $ 30,000 in prize money. The project with the greatest approach for re-evaluating and processing data will be the winner, so that the power of data comes into the hands of not just huge technological businesses, but also individuals and society. The Creative Media Awards program is collaborating with Mozilla Data Futures Lab this year. As a result, participants will be able to leverage Mozilla Common Voice data in their projects.

About Organizer

Mozilla introduced Firefox in the early 2000s, breaking the browser monopoly and giving consumers more options. Mozilla Research is still fighting for ethical and healthy Internet use twenty years later.

The Mozilla Manifesto governs Mozilla's work. Mozilla was created in 1998 as an open public initiative, and it now consists of two organizations: the Mozilla Foundation, which develops the company's mission, and the Mozilla Corporation, which administers market-based operations. These two organizations are inextricably linked, and the Mozilla brand unites tens of thousands of volunteers.



Who can Participate:

Entries submitted to the competition must meet the standards set by Mozilla (see application).



Amsterdam, Netherlands


Application details

To participate in the program selection competition, the artist must upload:

  • Project Description
  • Application Forms
  • Artwork / Portfolio
  • Cost Estimation
  • Production Schedule / Timetable



  • $ 30,000 cash prize for each winner;
  • Opportunity to participate in the MozFest exhibition;
  • Individual support and the opportunity to distribute the works to the general public.



Timeliness/Deadlines: November 21, 2021 


Opportunity Types
Award, Competition, exhibition
21 November, 2021
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