Residency program at Cité internationale des arts

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  October 20, 2021

About Opportunity

Candidates who wish to work on initiatives that address contemporary concerns and difficulties are encouraged to apply for the residence (new technologies, communication between humans and medicine, social and environmental issues, etc.). The program is offered in two variants, none of which has limits on nationality, gender, or age. Candidates having at least five years of work experience will be considered for admission to the program. Types of programs: Solo Program: For one artist, there will be two six-month solo residence sessions with a total of six artists. The program is intended for artists working in the following fields: visual arts, theatre/performance arts, and digital arts. The Duo Program is a program for researcher-artist pairings. A four-month residency for a couple will be announced. Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Technological Innovation, Sustainable Development, Art Criticism, and Curation are all permissible currents.

About Organizer

Since its establishment in 1965, the Cité internationale des arts has welcomed artists from all over the world to participate in residence programs. Cité's mission is to foster intercultural discussion and to provide a venue for artists to interact with other professionals and a varied audience.



Who can Participate:

Artists from all around the world with at least 5 years of professional experience are encouraged to apply. There are no restrictions based on age, gender, or nationality.



Paris, France


Application details

To participate in the program selection competition, the artist must upload:

  • CV
  • Artwork / Portfolio
  • Application Forms
  • Project Description



  • 50 m2 home studio (in the case of a duo program sharing); 
  • €1000 cash prize; 
  • Production costs up to € 3000.
  • A tour of Paris as an added bonus.


Timeliness/Deadlines: November 16, 2021


16 November, 2021
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