HAPPINESS-SHARED Online Exhibition for Women Artists

  • Residency, Competition, exhibition
  • Paid Funding Type
  • Ended
  October 19, 2021

About Opportunity

The organization announced 3 open calls for artists: 1. "HAPPINESS-SHARED" online group exhibition (for developing and medium career artists) The exhibition will run from October 30 through November 29, 2021. The application deadline is October 26. 2. Personal online display: from October 30th, 2021 to the end of the exhibition term. 3. The artists’ residency on Thailand's Ko Fangani island. This is a chance for anybody who is already a global artist or who want to collaborate on global projects.

About Organizer

LA FENICE ART GALLERY, HONG KONG, promotes women artists to a special extent. Because their work contains great riches, power, originality, and authenticity, the organization represents women from several cultures.



Who can Participate:

Mid-career and/or emerging artists from the fields of Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Mixed Media, Digital Art, Sculpture, Ceramics, Textiles, Video, Performance, Sound, Writing are welcome to apply.



Hong Kong, China


Application details

Applicants have to submit their artwork/portfolio.


Additional details:

Each call has its own deadlines and application procedures. Please, read it carefully.



Participation Fee:

Application fee - € 15;

Participation fee - € 550.



Online - solo and/or group exhibitions



Timeliness/Deadlines: October 27, 2021 


Opportunity Types
Residency, Competition, exhibition
27 October, 2021
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