Film Fest Kodama

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  • Scotland
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  • Ended
  July 16, 2021

About Opportunity

The goal of the program is to present short, feature films or photography that explore the physical and spiritual landscapes of the planet; and to generate a sense of humanity’s relationship with its various habitats.

About Organizer

The mythical Kodama were believed to reside beneath trees in the ancient folklore of Japan, forest deities whose forms were often indistinguishable from the woods in which they made their homes. The Kodama Film Festival is conceived as a means of emulating sense of earthly reverberation, by finding creative voices that would meaningfully reflect the wonder of the natural world onto contemporary society. 



Who can Participate: Artists without any restrictions on age, place of residence or nationality.

Location: Screening during Film Fest Kodama, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Application details: Expected form of art is films or photography, including but not limited to:

  • narrative films,
  • documentaries,
  • video-performances,
  • music videos,
  • audiovisual self-portraits,
  • visual poetry.



  • Cash prize
  • A film review or selection note written by critics
  • Screening in Glasgow, Scotland 


Timeliness/Deadlines: August 24, 2021 


Event Location
24 August, 2021
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