Dance Limerick announces its residency program tailored for professional dancers.

  • Residency, Award, Competition
  • Ireland
  • Fully Funding Type
  • Ended
  September 12, 2023

About Opportunity

Professional dance artists and choreographers worldwide are invited to participate in a one- or two-week residency program at St. John's church dance space and studio in Limerick, Ireland in 2024. The core objective of this residency is to provide a nurturing environment for research, experimentation, practice refinement, and artistic creation. It is open to both individual artists and teams of up to four collaborators. Selection for participation will be conducted through a meticulous evaluation process by the organization's panel of jury.

About Organizer

Dance Limerick, an Irish dance studio, got its start back in 2013. Their mission is to put choreography and movement in the spotlight. This organization is all about opening doors for artists, individuals, and communities, giving them the chance to dive into the world of dance and discover its magic.




  • International dance professionals, companies, and choreographers are welcome to take part

Program/event location:

  • Limerick, Ireland

Participation fee:

  • Participation is free


  • Dance Limerick offers access to studio facilities, accommodation for a group of up to four artists, a stipend of €75 per artist per week, and travel allowances of up to €200."

Application requirements:

  • Online application form

  • CV

  • Recent two works

The submission closes:

  • 28 September, 2023


Opportunity Types
Residency, Award, Competition
Event Location
28 September, 2023
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